so what? your a Facebook admin



So you are an admin for a Facebook group or two. You are proud of the group you helped grow or are part of. You love your members like they are family. You want them to be happy and learn something. Some people think, anyone can do it. Sure anyone can, but to be a successful admin, you better prepare to be more than charming.

Admins of Facebook groups are some of the most versatile people you will ever meet. I swear they’ve seen just about everything.

Duties include:

Referee – Diverting and breaking up internet gangstas on a mission, is not an easy task at times.

Babysitting – As sad as it is, some adults do not know how to adult very well.

Private Investigator – Who do you think is approving those members you love so much? Why is the group spam free? I will tell you why, an admin looked over their profile before letting them in. Sometimes we see some things we cannot unsee. Ever. You are welcome.

Master Coordinator РEvents, promotions and other group perks do not just manifest themselves. Many admin brainstorm together for days in efforts to  provide outlets for the group.

Therapist – Bartenders and Hairstylists are not the only ones that get dumped on… we admin have had many chat sessions. But we are good, we do this because we really do care.

Fund Raiser Planners – Yep. Many groups pull together to help a member that needs it. Good admin plan and coordinate on behalf of the group.

Nagging Mom or Dad – This is the position I hate being in the most. To repeatedly ask someone to pay attention to guidelines makes me want to slap myself. So please people, read your groups guidelines/rules, that way we admin can remain the cool hip Mom or Dad everyone loves!

Physic – You learn to predict where a convo will go, you pick up on the keywords that are trouble or that spark a fantastic thread.

Mediator – You help people learn to communicate with each other.

Fixer – Sometimes we have to kill threads.

I am sure I missed many positions we take on. Feel free to add to this in comments. But I think I made my point.

Cheers to admin! No matter where you moderate.


Angie – Child Of The 80’s







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