Hidden Objects – It’s a Guy Thing – Easy

So here you have my second attempt at creating a Hiden Objects game.  This time I am hoping it will be a bit more challenging and like before, not too time consuming. I imagine people doing these on their lunch break, or a break from studying. As I get better at this, they will improve and become a bit harder to complete.

This one was inspired by a bunch of neck ties I have here. I am hoping to get them listed soon, maybe this will motivate me. lol

The hidden objects were found in shops I am familiar with on Etsy and Ruby Lane.

And yes they are vintage…. there goes that vintage addiction thing again.

Find the 15 objects on the list under the photo below.  You can click on the links and see what the object looks like if you happen to get stuck.

*All links will open in a new tab or window.


Hidden Objects 2a

1. Ship
2. Clock
3. Horse
4. Green Cufflinks
5. Fedora
6. Turquoise Ring
7. Boxer Dog Cufflinks
8. Hand
9. Crescent Wrench
10. Raspberry Glass Cufflinks
11. Homburg
12. Suspenders
13. Boy Charm
14. Turtle
15. Ram

Objects are hidden among items from Bunny Finds Vintage

Clipart from:





Thanks and credits to:


Susans Shop Selections

Cousins Antiques

Viva Terra Boutique

Shelly Is Vintage

Sentimental Vintager

Premier Antiques and Jewelry NY

Vintage Meet Modern

Zephyr Vintage

Lady and Librarian


Artisanal Vintage

Bunny Finds Vintage


Collage created by Angie Child Of The 80s


You can see my first attempt here.




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