Makeup applicators and brooches? I had to try it!

One day while browsing I came across a great webzine article by The Glamourai.

It is titled How To: Wear Brooches Better. So I had to take a look, I am always looking for good tips to pass along to others. My mouth dropped when I saw the fantastic idea they shared. I asked my dog pal Rosie with probably too much enthusiasm, “Why has no one thought of this before? This is brilliant!”. I like to think she thought so too.

rosie 1

The article has a great tip on how to use a foam makeup applicator to prevent large and heavy brooches from pulling on materials and causing damage. You simply position the foam applicator behind the fabric where you would like to place the brooch. You attach the brooch by piercing the fabric and the sponge. Then buckle your brooch and according to the author you can “Now go brooch without fear, my dears!”.  (I love that quote.)

So I pulled out a vintage dress I have stored for “some day” and decided to try it myself. I mean seeing is believing right? I will say,  I was pretty impressed so I decided to share my results with you.

I knew exactly which brooches I was going to try this with. The first is not very heavy but is large with an extra long pin bar. It tends to flop forward and does not sit very well with a thin material as you can see in the photo below.

01 a filigree ball bow boooch 2

Flat Lay

01 brooch hack test 5

Pinned On With No Applicator


01 brooch hack test 3 Getting the pin through the sponge proved to be a bit of a challenge because it is longer than the applicator and I did not want the sponge to bulge. I managed to do it but recommend using a slightly larger applicator for brooches with long pin bars like this.

It worked and it worked well! Look!

01 brooch hack test 1

No sagging or flopping! Simply amazing!

     01 brooch hack test 2

       A different angle so you can see that it is really sitting upright now.

01 brooch hack test 4All that remained were these two tiny pin holes that would have been a lot worse without the support. The holes in the area I pinned it to the dress with out the applicator were slightly larger.

Now the heavy strawberry brooch.

01 strawberry brooch 2

01 brooch hack test 10

This brooch is not huge but it is heavy. You can see how it is pulling on the material in the photo in the bottom photo above. This one was easier to line up with the applicator thankfully.

01 brooch hack test 8

I was impressed again because I was skeptical about this one. But I think the applicator being larger than the brooch helped add support.

01 brooch hack test 6

01 brooch hack test 7

Again only tiny pinholes left behind.

01 brooch hack test 9

So I guess it is safe to say the proof is in the pudding! This really is a brilliant idea and such an inexpensive solution. I hope passing it on to you helps you save a blouse or two! Be sure to share this tip with all your brooch loving friends! You really can go brooch without fear!

The brooches used in this blog as examples can be found in my shop BunnyFindsVintage on Etsy.



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